About Us

About Agritech
Agritech  refers to the emerging  opportunities for the Technology,  products  & services that supports Agricultural  Domain to meet the needs of a projected 10 Billion global inhabitants by 2050.     AgriTech Advisory Board, brings together the distinguished expertise equally from the 'agricultural' domain as well as the 'technology' in all its dimensions. The challenges are the opportunities for these expert-resources  to evolve appropriate technology across the given agricultural value chains. Enhancing Productivity, Efficiency & Proficiency as well as Profitability to every stakeholder across the agricultural value chain.    Every dimension of technological innovations are explored to create sustainable enhancements & evolve business opportunities for every stakeholder across the agricultural value chain. Illustrative, though not exhaustive,  features from the  dynamic technology world are:  
* Big data & Predictive Analytics   
* Supply chain, Communication  and Logistics - Smart Management adopting wide ranging  ICT solutions  
* IOT-'internet of things’, Precision Agriculture initiatives adopting the  sensors   
* Robotics and automation  
* Biotechnology  
* UAVs, their supporting software, hardware and sensing technology  
* Smart technology adaptations towards managing natural resources - Energy, Water, Flora & Fauna, Soil & Air     
* Skilling manpower
Our Mission
To go beyond the ordinary, to deliver the perceived impossible, in the Quest for Innovation, Creativity &Sustainable Solutions
Our Vision
To Deliver Agricultural Technology Solutions of World Class Standards, Promote Agripreneurship & Remain Socially Responsive
Our Values
Entrepreneurial, Excellence, Ethics, Trust, Innovation & Creativity, Team Work, Passion for Capacity Development &Continuous Learning
* Mission Driven Strategies
* Delivers Agricultural Technology Solutions
* Social purpose business objectives, performing technical and commercial entrepreneurial activities, achieving sustainability
* Acts Entrepreneurially & Professional Approach, with strong culture of innovation, creativity and openness
* Partnering Alliance only with entrepreneurially oriented organisations
* Performs as financially independent organisation, plans & time bound execution
* Focus on activities creating social impact & generates profits
* Proactive mobilisation of donations, grants and aids * Founders & Investors benefit personally with monitory gains
* Mentoring
* Agripreneur Connects
* Information Technology
* Project Formulation
* Product Development
* Tools– Development / Utilisation
* Process & Methodology, Supply Chain
* Post-harvest Technology
* Business Creation Knowhow
* Logistics, Sales & Marketing
* Collaboration and Supervision
* Documentation & Templates
* Infrastructure Development
* Human Network
* Access to Business Partners
* Access to Capital Resources- Fund Mobilisation

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